Cupcake Babyshoes

Soft, malleable, and highly breathable espadrilles. Comfortable and warm, these shoes are a season must-have for Autumn and Winter.

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Made from:

  • Shoe Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Shoe Lining: 100% Organic Cotton Sherpa
  • Sole Fabric: 100% Cotton and Natural Suede

How to wear Pegorina's baby shoes?

Just slip them on your baby's feet and let the soft elastic band rest around baby's ankle.

Bear in mind

  • Sizes are based on average baby feet size. For extra comfort and longevity, add around 1 cm (or 1/2 in) to baby's feet length. 
  • If you are unsure, please check our size guide.
  • All our shoes are handmade so they may vary slightly in size.
  • The fabric placement may also differ from that in the product description images.
  • These baby shoes are not meant for walking. 
  • This listing is only for one pair of baby shoes.

3-6m - 10 cm (EU nº16 / 17)
6-9m - 11,50cm (EU nº18 / 19)

Not intended for walking.